BFHC contributes to the race for COVID-19 research, clinical trials

Vaccines have had the center stage when it comes to COVID-19, and a lot of hopes rest on their shoulders. While vaccines remain a crucial part of getting back to normal, treatments are also necessary for those who develop the virus. Multiple therapies are being investigated that show promise in helping our body fight the virus. In late November, one of those treatments was granted emergency use authorization, propelling treatments back into focus. Bandera Family Healthcare Research’s team is one of the groups conducting COVID-19 research. Together with our volunteers, we are making history in the fight to end COVID-19.

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Regeneron’s Casirivimab and Imdevimab

When President Trump spoke about how he felt “superpower-like” after receiving Regeneron’s infusion cocktail, curious Americans wanted to know more. The cocktail contains two investigational antibody therapies, Casirivimab and Imdevimab, and has an Emergency Use Authorization granted by the FDA. Both drugs were specifically developed to treat COVID-19 and are currently still under investigation in clinical research studies. Typically, an investigational therapy must fully complete the research study process and submit their data results to the FDA for approval. Once approved, it can be marketed and produced for public use.

An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) can be granted in special circumstances such as a public health emergency like COVID-19. The FDA uses the early research data, which showed the combination effectively reduced hospitalizations and urgent care visits. Until more is understood, the EUA for the cocktail is reserved for specific cases. Those aged 12 and older who have a positive coronavirus test that are at high risk for developing severe COVID-19 or hospitalization are covered in the EUA. Antibody therapies have been shown to work best early in the virus progression to prevent worsening of symptoms. Eli Lilly’s single antibody treatment, bamlanivimab, also has a limited EUA. The treatment is designed to block the virus from attaching and entering into human cells.

Together We Can End COVID-19

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At Bandera Family Healthcare Research, we are proud to be a part of Regeneron’s COVID-19 research study. Without volunteers participating in research studies, the incredible progress we’ve made thus far in the fight to end COVID-19 would not be possible. To learn how to get involved in our COVID-19 studies, visit our website for more information, or call (210) 296-2445.