The 2020 school year has been different, to say the least (thanks COVID-19). Some schools went 100% remote with students learning at home. Others opted for a hybrid model of letting families choose face-to-face or remote. In the U.S., the law requires vaccinations to be current before the start of the school year. However, the temptation to bypass them for remote learners is a reality. Though there are exemptions for vaccines in some cases, skipping them because you can is not recommended. Vaccines play an essential role in your child’s health, and this is one back-to-school necessity you shouldn’t skip.

Vaccines and their Importance

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Most medicines treat or cure diseases. Vaccines help to prevent them. A vaccine contains dead or weakened parts of the germ that cause the disease. When immunized with a vaccine, your body’s immune system produces antibodies against the disease. Your body can then become immune to a disease so that you may avoid getting sick. The types of diseases vaccines prevent are very serious or could be deadly. Even though the chances of your child getting infected by one or more of them may be low, it’s better to have the protection and not need it than vice versa, right?

There are four main vaccine types. They are designed according to different factors such as the age group that needs vaccine, immune system response, and the best approach to make the vaccine. These vaccine types are:

  • Live-attenuated vaccines– Weakened germs from the disease.
    • Examples- Measles, mumps, smallpox, chickenpox.
  • Inactivated vaccines-Dead germs from the disease.
    • Examples- Hepatitis A, flu shot, polio shot, rabies.
  • Subunit, recombinant, polysaccharide, and conjugate vaccines– Has specific parts of the germ like the protein, casing, or sugar.
    • Examples- Hepatitis B, HPV, whooping cough, pneumonia, meningitis.
  • Toxoid vaccines– Use a harmful product made by the germ that causes the disease.
    • Examples– Diphtheria, tetanus.

Vaccines for School

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding vaccine safety, but the data continues to show they are safe. There is a recommended vaccine schedule at different ages in a child’s life, which schools require unless you have a medical, personal belief, or religious exemption. Your provider can let you know more about the vaccines needed for your child and help with any additional questions.

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Vaccines are effective, simple ways to keep your child healthy. Whether you need to get caught up on your child’s vaccine schedule or need the regularly scheduled vaccines, Bandera Family Health can help. To make an appointment, visit our website or call (210) 695-1900.